Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joe Borowicz, Inc

I had lunch with a friend last week and we were discussing our personal successes, as well as some of the ways we're trying to promote our companies and ourselves. During this conversation, I think he made a very simple point, yet unrealized by many. He stated that "we are all our own personal corporation". Could this be any more of an obvious statement, yet if we truly viewed it this way, would our lives change?


In any business, if nobody knows you exist, you'll quickly go bankrupt. In life, this is also true. This is why we spend time bragging to our friends, courting spouses, and turning in resumes. Self promotion is done through conversations, Facebook, Linkedin, and shameless blogs like this. Whether you agree with what I say or care what I say, you're still hearing what I have to say. Somewhere in your mind, you know Joe Borowicz, Inc.


Accounting is easy. Spend more than you have and you're in trouble. This is such a simple concept yet in today's society, there seems to be more debt than prosperity. If you had a formal business entity, would you be so forgiving of the decisions you've made?


I don't think we're looking for any Six-Sigma Black Belts at home, but operations play a major part of your personal life. When is the optimal time to take a vacation? Don't schedule too many activities at once or you'll create a bottle-neck. Plan when to have children so you don't become over-capacity (ok...that may be a


I'm not thinking about production in the traditional sense, but more from a productivity standpoint. Are you putting in the right efforts to create a productive environment. Is one employee in your organization (family) putting in more effort and creating resentment? All these things happen at work and in your personal business.

Do you have a business plan for your life? Do you run personal financial statements? These things are probably in your head, but not formally documented. I encourage you to take some time to plan out your personal business and change your mindset. You may find that things are right where you want them to be, but you might also be surprised at what you find. And when you find these things, tackle them as if the fate of your company was at stake.

Please share your thoughts.

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